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The Forms Causes And Effects Prostitution In Low Income Areas Of Kampala

 Prostitution has been described by many as being, “as old as mankind.” It is regarded as the world‟s oldest profession. It dates as far back as the biblical times when Sodom and Gomorrah were totally destroyed by God due to immoral acts that were practised by the people at that time. (Genesis Chapter 19:1-29). In most of the Ugandan cultures and Africa at large, prostitution whether as a social or religious vice has been related to women. The ills and evils of prostitution have been blamed on the female parties despite the fact that both sexes actively participate in the act. 

The Ugandan legal position is not any better and only re- enforces the time long accepted norms of recognizing the power and importance of a man. The penal code of Uganda section 134 (1990) out-laws prostitution for both women and men in theory but in practice arrests are only made on the female persons even though it is fully known that instances of lesbianism are very far and isolated Many people feel that „there is nothing good about the job and at best it is hazardous, disgraceful with a lot of stigma attached‟ most of those directly involved in it do not condone the act yet the practice thrives on. From the direct field observations, it has a natural high turn over with no advertisement, no inducements yet it is not about to die. There is provision of services (sexual) and consumption of the same, even though society doesn‟t fully want to accept and understand the fact that the consumers or clients(male persons) exist and that market forces of demand and supply do exist to make these sexual indulgencies „economic‟ .In this „economic‟ situation of course many determinants are at play and one cannot over look the role of poverty as a factor in prostitution. 

It is a fact that women are still disadvantaged at most spheres of life‟s social economic, political and cultural. 
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